Partner Spotlight: NASB


North American Savings Bank (NASB) describes themselves as “a bank with Midwest roots that provides mortgages from coast to coast.” Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, NASB was established 94 years ago. Since then, NASB has grown to 11 bank branch locations throughout the Kansas City metro area. NASB offers a wide-range of banking and mortgage products. Along with helping clients achieve their financial goals, NASB is committed to providing resources and support for programs and foundations that aid in providing education, health, welfare, and social services for children and families in need. One of the organizations they choose to support is Newhouse. NASB Communications Manager Jenn Cantrell shared with Newhouse about the power of investing in the Newhouse mission. 

Newhouse Connection

A few years ago, a news story about Newhouse sparked the interest of NASB CEO Paul Thomas. The philanthropy-focused leader knew he wanted to get involved. 

NASB’s philanthropy initiatives prioritize investing in the wellbeing of children and families in the Kansas City community. Since Newhouse’s mission is to help survivors of domestic violence to rise through the impacts of trauma by providing an ecosystem of transformative services that lead to safety, self-sufficiency and whole-person healing, partnering with Newhouse was an ideal fit for NASB.

Jenn Cantrell, NASB Communications Manager

Why Newhouse

As a mortgage provider that helps people find homes, NASB feels a connection to the shelter since Newhouse provides survivors of domestic violence a safe place to live. NASB also enjoys working with Newhouse because they see the impact of their investment with Newhouse. According to Jenn, NASB is “constantly seeing the impact” of their donations whether through event promotions, mission updates, or working personally with Team Newhouse. 

As a long-time partner of Newhouse, NASB recognizes their passion for being a stable, reliable resource for survivors of domestic abuse. “We like working with organizations that create sustained change in the community,” says Jenn. NASB appreciates Newhouse’s willingness to go above and beyond to implement new visions, plans and programming, regardless of the challenges. 

NASB’s Impact

NASB partners with organizations who have the passion and power to create real change like Newhouse. 

“We have the financial resources, and they have the human resources,” Jenn says. “Every organization needs funds to make change happen. NASB loves being able to help create this change.”

Why other companies should consider supporting Newhouse 

NASB takes pride in investing in a select number of organizations that demonstrate sustainable community impact. Each organization NASB supports undergoes a rigorous business plan and financial review to ensure the organization has the resources, leadership, and experience to use the funds in a fiscally responsible manner.  

“Kansas City companies can feel assured that if they see NASB investing in an organization, their investment dollars will be put towards the committed purpose.” 

NASB describes Newhouse as organized and wonderful people with whom to collaborate. They love being able to be a Newhouse partner and encourage other organizations to do so as well. 

When asked what they would tell another company considering supporting Newhouse, they responded, “Absolutely, you should do it.” 

Thank you, NASB, for your continued support of Newhouse. Your partnership helps Newhouse bring our mission and vision to life. We could not make what Newhouse does possible without corporate partners like NASB. 

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