Thank YOU for making worthy a success!

The Newhouse Worthy Pop-up Bar is an annual, celebratory event that raises critical, life-transforming funds for children and adults who call Newhouse their temporary home. This event celebrates the importance of self-care, empowerment, and healthy relationships – things we are ALL worthy of! Guests will enjoy delicious cocktails + mocktails, beer + wine, lounge areas, inspirational messaging, and a safe + fun space where all people belong!

2023 Photos – see more on Facebook.

2022 Photos – see more on Facebook.

Why is the theme “worthy”?

At Newhouse, we believe that all people are worthy of love and relationships. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, healthy relationships are important. That’s why we decided to launch an event where our guests felt their spirits lifted as we raised glasses together. The Worthy Pop-Up Bar is Kansas City’s first-ever pop-up bar focused on self-care, empowerment and fun. All proceeds supported our survivors and families so they can feel their worth.

Always remember – YOU are worthy!