Spotlight: Molly Britt

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Newhouse’s signature Imagine a Day Gala is coming up on November 12. Molly and Reggie Britt are honorary co-chairs of the event where we raise vital funds for our mission. We had a chat with Molly to hear her story and all about her Newhouse support. Meet Molly. 

Her Background & Newhouse Connection

Molly and Reggie Britt are both co-owners of Mpact, an outpatient physical therapy clinic, in addition to being parents to three sons in their twenties. When they received the call from their friends and fellow honorary co-chairs, the Gaumers, to get involved with the Newhouse gala, Molly and Reggie were immediately onboard. 

“My mom grew up in the middle of Kansas and did a lot of volunteering with the domestic violence association of Kansas,” she says. 

Molly values the work of domestic violence agencies through her mother’s connection and also knowing people who have experienced it firsthand. 

“We want to do our part to help others.” 

Her husband Reggie, owner of Britt Executive Transportation, grew up in inner city Flint, Michigan and has a passion for helping others. 

“He has experienced the impacts many of the Newhouse residents have experienced — food insecurity, medical deserts. He’s been fortunate to make it out of poverty; he has great perspective and empathy [for Newhouse residents],” she shares. 

The Newhouse Difference

“One of the things I love about Newhouse is the comprehensiveness of their services,” she says. “Legal assistance, job training, education, lifelong counseling for themselves and their children — these give survivors hope and confidence that it may have a positive result and impact in their lives.” 

“It truly is a loving, nonjudgmental and accepting place to be.” 

Her words for fellow businesses 

“Our community is as strong as the individuals in it,” she says. “When you support Newhouse, your dollars stay local. You’re helping nearly every segment of the population.”

“Also, it’s so good when you help break the cycle and help the future generations. Newhouse programs go on to help children for many years down the line; they change what their norm is and how they see love.” 

On the Gala

“This is next level!” she shares. “Everyone who is involved has enthusiasm and is just so passionate.”

Molly has enjoyed the supportive and collaborative approach to planning the Imagine a Day Gala. 

“I’m so proud of how well it’s done already!”

Many thanks to Molly and Reggie Britt for their support of our Imagine a Day Gala. We you’ll join us on November 12 — purchase a ticket here