thank you for supporting our survivors and families!

View our Amazon Wish List.

We have big needs but limited space so we ask you to review the below guidelines of what we do and do not need before bringing us items. If your items are not on this list, we ask that you offer them to other local nonprofits or email us.

Below you will also see next steps for bringing items to us an more information about our online wish list. Thank you!

items we need:

New or like-new condition

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories
    • Seasonal items (We cannot store items for other seasons)
    • Clothing for adults, everyday items (jeans, modern tops, etc.)
    • Clothing for kids and babies
    • Shoes: everyday styles for all ages (athletic slides are desired)
    • Jewelry (modern, everyday items)
    • Women’s underwear and bras (new)
  • Children’s items
    • Car seats (not expired or involved in a wreck)
    • Diapers and Pull-Ups (sizes 4 – 6)
    • Baby wipes
    • Pack ‘n plays
    • Swings, bouncers, activity seats
    • High chairs
    • Kids underwear (all ages and styles)
    • Boys’ boxers
    • Gaming systems
    • Video games
    • Toys (It depends on current needs – please email us.)
    • Snacks (individually packaged)
  • Home
    • Sheets (twin size only)
    • Bedding (twin size only)
    • Furniture (It depends on current needs – please email us.)
    • Hangers
  • Electronics
    • Smart phones (ready to use)
    • TVs (fully working)
  • Personal care items
    • Disposable razors with multiple blades (head replacements too, Gillette is a preferred brand)
    • Lotions
    • Body wash (not bar soaps)
    • Hair products (excluding shampoo and conditioner)
    • Ethnic hair products

items we do not need:

Used items (In most cases, we are seeking new or like-new items and ask you to donate used items elsewhere. Thank you!)

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories
    • Items that are damaged, stained or need repair
    • Items for other seasons (ex. we cannot accept winter items in spring)
    • Retro/vintage clothing
    • Formal/occasion wear (dresses, suits, slacks)
    • Shoes: heels or worn shoes
    • Used underwear and socks
  • Children’s items
    • Cribs
  • Home
    • Most kitchen items
  • Electronics
    • Laptops (in most cases)
  • Personal care items
    • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    • Feminine hygiene products (thanks to community partners)
    • Disposable razors with single blades
    • Shampoo and conditioner

Bringing items to Newhouse

To drop off donations at Newhouse, please email us with the following information:

  • Types of items you have
  • Amount of donations (ex. a few bags vs. a big truckload)
  • A day or timeframe you would like to come by so that we can check our schedules (we appreciate at least one week’s notice)

Once we agree on a drop-off day and timeframe, our team will provide further details.

Donating via our wish list

We are always in need of items that are on our Amazon Wish List. It is an easy way to ship new items that we need directly to our shelter. Visit our list and send our families some love.

Thank you again for wanting to support Newhouse! We are very grateful for your support! Email us with any questions or ideas.